Copywriting done 4 U by Alan Tarr, Master Copywriter
Alan Tarr, Master Copywriter and Author

The most critical element of your marketing, website, advertising, and emails is a powerful and unique marketing message – even more than money (source: Wharton School of Business, U of PA). The Essence of marketing is your Message, and the Essence of your message is Copywriting.

It makes sense, therefore, to hire an experienced, professional copywriter to create messages that generate more clicks, conversions, and sales for you.  But who?

I’m Alan Tarr, a Master Copywriter, trained by a Top 5 Madison Avenue agency, with 35+ years writing for hundreds of clients. And unlike some others, who just talk about what they created, I’m happy to show you my work

If it’s Copywriting, Design, and Strategy you want…you’ve come to the right place.

website copywriting

Website Copywriting

77% of small business websites fail the Power Test because of a weak or non-existent marketing message.

A professionally written and well-structured webpage will bring you more clicks, conversions and sales.    

Email marketing copywriting

Email Campaigns

There are 5 critical elements that get your emails opened, read, and clicked.  Understanding and implementing them is the key to successful email marketing.      

Emails can be disappointing or powerful, depending on the words you use.

Professional Advantage

Messaging & Strategy

I’ve been practicing and perfecting the Techniques and Secrets of the World’s Best Copywriters for 35+ years. 

By using such advanced methodologies as Value Propositions, Tag Lines, Headlines, Thought Bites, Logical Thought Sequencing, Story Telling, Specificity, and Curiosity, you get better results and increased revenue. 

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