Top 10 Reasons For Hiring A Marketing Advisor

Hiring An Outside Marketing Advisor Can Bring Expertise, Flexibility, And Objectivity

“Doing It Up Yourself Often Equals Screwing It Up Yourself!”

When does spending a little extra money make sense in business?  When it can save you a whole lot of money, time, and grief later on.

I’ve been involved in marketing for over thirty years, first as a Madison Avenue copywriter, then as a serial entrepreneur and now as an advisor to entrepreneurial companies.  I’ve seen almost every small, medium and gigantic error that can be made (I even committed a few of those sins myself along the way).  And for small business, all too often marketing sins are the result of an owner deciding that “Marketing and advertising are easy – we see it every day.  Let’s save money and do it ourselves.”  Sadly, this approach usually leads to more mistakes, more spending and fewer sales.

Not Hiring A Marketing Advisor When You Need One Can Be An Expresive Mistake

In my book, The Seven Deadly Sins Of Marketing And How To Avoid Them, this fatal flaw comes under the sin of “Arrogance”.  And while it is most probably true that no one knows your business better than you, it is almost always also true that seasoned, professional strategists and copywriters can articulate and communicate your story better than you can.

Here, without further ado, are the Top 10 Reasons for hiring a professional advisor to guide you.

Top 10 Reasons For Hiring A Marketing Advisor

TEN - Unless you’re a marketing expert, your time is more profitably spent running your business.

NINE - Your advisor has been through what you’re going through – and learned from it.

EIGHT - Outside advisors bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to old problems.

SEVEN - A professionally developed marketing program can increase results significantly.

SIX - Your advisors have access to all the talent you’ll need.

FIVE - A good advisor can also help improve other parts of your business, like sales or customer service.

FOUR - Advisors aren’t intimately or emotionally involved in your day-to-day operations, so they can more clearly see the big picture.

THREE - Advisors aren’t selling advertising, so their advice on how and where to spend your marketing dollars is completely unbiased.

TWO - Your advisor can save you from making a REALLY BIG or VERY COSTLY mistake.

…and the #ONE reason for hiring a marketing advisor is:

Unlike an employee – you can fire an advisor in a New York minute.

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