About Alan Tarr, Master Copywriter

Alan Tarr, Master Copywriter

The most critical element of your marketing, website, advertising, and emails is a powerful and unique marketing message – even more than money (source: Wharton School of Business, U of PA).

It makes sense, therefore, to hire an experienced, professional copywriter to create those messages to generate more clicks, conversions, and sales for you.  But who?

My name is Alan Tarr, and I ❤️ to write…

  • Jingles (Taco Joe’s, NARPRO)
  • Jokes for TV (Merv Griffin Show)
  • Song parodies for MAD Magazine
  • Four books on copywriting and marketing
  • Published and recorded four songs of my own
  • Scores of TV, Radio, and Print ad campaigns
  • Website and Email campaign content
  • Over 90 published articles (see BLOG)

Mostly though, I’ve spent over 35 years writing dynamic marketing and conversion copywriting for clients large and small.

I’m Not Usually A Name Dropper…But In This Case…

Here is a partial list of some of those companies I’ve written copy for:

  • Afterglow Photography
  • Arizona Business Council*
  • Arte Verde
  • Aventa Senior Care
  • BMD Printing
  • Bob Tomarkin – Radio producer
  • Coach Pam
  • Commercial Credit Reports/TRW
  • Curaflo Pipe Lining
  • Dazzle
  • Desk Barn
  • Dispensary of Hope*
  • ExtraGood*
  • EyeDoc Store
  • Float’n Thang
  • Franway
  • GLK Systems
  • Heliservices/Enstrom Helicopters
  • Horse Rescue Ranch*
  • Impact Marketing Services
  • Iowa Café
  • “Learning Center”
  • Livescan Fingerprint Network
  • Marbelous Math Bonder
  • Merv Griffin Show
  • My Pool Chart
  • Native New Yorker
  • Nissan
  • Phoenix Suns
  • Plan4College
  • R&G Brenner Tax Returns
  • SCORE*
  • Shop Local Deals
  • State Business Filings
  • Sun Valley Imports
  • Taco Joe’s
  • The Cakery
  • Various Cruise Lines


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