Continually Educate Your Customers And Prospects

This continual drip, drip, drip of content can build customer base and loyalty

Educate Customers with great, helpful information to keep you in the forefront of their minds.

Do You Think Your Customers Are Smart?

"Of course, they'd have to be.  They're MY customers."  Good thought and probably true.  But what may happen if a rival starts to send gifts of helpful and useful information to your customers, while you don't.  Would your smart customers be just as smart if they start to buy from your rival?  Continually educate your list, your customers, your friends and you will retain them for a lot longer than you would if you ignore them.

The Treasured Email List

How many times have you heard about the importance of building a strong E-Mail Database?  You hear it so often because it has become an absolute essential for doing business.

Many go to great lengths to get valid e-mail addresses.  Being a marketing expert in Arizona who also offers online web copywriting services, I do it all the time.  I give away lots of free “How-To Tips”; (this blog article is but one of 215 free education items I have and send).  You can get them by signing up with your e-mail.  Then I send you more meaningful tips every week.

My clients like this because it refreshes what they learned and even prospects that haven’t done business with me yet report they get a lot out of them.

If you can continually educate customers and prospects in a non-threatening way, you will be on the top of their mind when they have need for what you provide.  And that, dear readers, is what conversion marketing is all about.

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Many budding copywriters and business owners need help in crafting branding statements, advertising, online web copywriting and content, press releases and the like.  I encourage you to find a good branding strategy consultant/professional copywriter who can take what’s in your heart and your head and put it in a way that will let you reach your goal of educating your prospects, allowing them to conclude they would have to be raving lunatics if they didn’t do business with you.  If you're looking for a good online digital copywriting course, kindly check out Write Like A Madman And Make Money Like Crazy, my 13-Video, 30-piece multi-media Signature Course.  Click here to watch the first video Free

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