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Marketing Copywriters – The Indispensable Skill

The Golden Age Of Marketing (1945 – 1980) brought about numerous advancements in the art and science of marketing and advertising.  Color and photography became important aspects of print advertising.  Direct response (aka direct mail) gained tremendously in popularity and use.  Adding music or jingles to radio ads became commonplace.  And the advent of television added whole new dimensions to the communications vista – film, production values, cartoons, and rudimentary special effects – and later on, color.

Through all this innovation and change, one thing was made crystal clear.  The indispensable talent that drove almost all marketing and advertising was – and still is – marketing copywriting.

Let’s use a little fiction to prove the point.  The hit TV show, Madmen, was loosely based on the lives of a few major innovators on Madison Avenue.  Bill Bernbach (Doyle, Dane, Bernbach), David Ogilvy (Ogilvy & Mather), Rosser Reeves (Ted Bates International), and Ray Rubicam (Young & Rubicam) provided intriguing backgrounds for the characters and the stories of Madmen.

I’d like to point out the most interesting fact in all this.  These four giants of modern advertising were all, throughout their careers, marketing copywriters.  They started as copywriters and they remained primarily copywriters as they headed four of the largest and most influential Madison Avenue ad agencies.

And their influence is still felt by marketing copywriters and business owners worldwide.


Build Your Skills As A Marketing Copywriter

If you’re a small business owner, building your copywriting skills is a great way, maybe even the best way, to boost your business, save money, and maintain control of your message.

As a competent marketing copywriter, you’ll no longer need to hire consultants to craft the messages that communicate your value to customers and prospects.  Who has a better insight to your business than you do?  Learn to take what’s in your head and in your heart and start conversations with your ideal clients.


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Want To Know The Secrets Of The World’s Best Copywriters?

Many budding copywriters and business owners need help in crafting branding statements, advertising, online web copywriting and content, press releases and the like.  I encourage you to find a good branding strategy consultant/professional copywriter who can take what’s in your heart and your head and put it in a way that will let you reach your goal of educating your prospects, allowing them to conclude they would have to be raving lunatics if they didn’t do business with you.  If you're looking for a good online digital copywriting course, kindly check out Write Like A Madman And Make Money Like Crazy, my 13-Video, 30-piece multi-media Signature Course.  Click here to watch the first video Free


Alan Tarr began his career in the middle of the Golden Age, as a copywriter with a Top 5 Madison Avenue Agency and has written freelance for over 25 years.

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