Freelance Copywriter Phenomenon

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The Freelance Copywriter Phenomenon

More Gen X, Y, And Millennials Than Ever, Are Opting For Careers, Or Side Gigs As Freelance Copywriters

Freelancers Averaging $81,748/year (Source: Glassdoor)

It’s no secret that our economy is in a major shift to a work-from-anywhere lifestyle – and copywriters are leading the way.

Now, before you get ahead of yourself, quit your job, and head for the (virtual) Elysian Fields of copywriting…there is one caution.  Newly minted copywriters cannot expect to cash in at the average compensation until they’ve built their portfolios and client-base. 

The other side of the coin is, that with experience, professional copywriters earn well beyond the average.  And there are thousands of good writing jobs posted every week for every writing skill level.

40% of Millennials currently freelance.  60% of freelances wouldn’t take a traditional job

If you like to write and want to get into a “work when-you-want, from where- you-want” lifestyle, copywriting could well be your answer. 

You could opt for a full-time gig, create your own business, or a grab side hustle. As your experience and work product grow, so will the price you command. Alan Tarr, Founder of Write Like A Madman University, and Master Copywriter says, “It’s been my experience that it’s best to first educate yourself as a copywriter so you can hit the ground running, and be miles ahead of those who try to go it alone, without know-how, solid learning, or certification.”

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