No Website? – Get One Now!

If You Don’t Have A Website – Get One Now!

If You Don't Have A Website - Get One Now.

Are you in business, or planning to start a business?  Then you absolutely, positively should have a website. If you don’t have a website - get one now.

Once you have one, here’s a check list to make sure it’s doing its job.

A website fulfills two basic functions for the average (non e-tail) small business:

  1. Gives you credibility. It proves you are real.
  2. Acts as a detailed brochure.  Here’s who we are, what we do and how you can benefit from doing business with us.  It’s an expandable brochure that never goes out of date because you can make changes, add products or announce special events quickly, easily and virtually without cost.

The Only Thing Worse Than Having No Website Is Having A Lousy Website

Prospects and customers alike judge you by how you communicate.  And it is the perception they get from their contacts with you that determine whether or not they are likely to start or continue doing business with you.  A website is your most critically important communication and education tool.

If you have a website, now is the time to take a critical look at it to determine whether it is helping, hurting, or doing nothing at all.  Here are some things to look for as you do a quick self-evaluation:

  • Is your website easy to read and pleasing to look at?
  • Does it convey a unique and compelling message about your company?
  • What does a visitor see?  Does your homepage grab the viewers attention and tell them what you do and how you can help (in 8 seconds or less)?
  • Is your website optimized?  Does it boost Conversions and Click-Thru’s?
  • Are there interesting  images on the site relevant to what you do?
  • Is there at least one personal video on your site?
  • Do you offer any free educational information – such as a blog - to help your prospects as they do business in your industry?
  • Are there testimonials or reviews conspicuously placed on you homepage?
  • Do you have an opt-in offer?
  • Can a visitor easily navigate through your site?
  • Is your site built according to the best Small Business Website Techniques?

[* As of 2014, eight seconds is the average attention span of an adult human.  By way of comparison, goldfish have an attention span of nine seconds. : ) ]

A good website opens your door to new clients; a lousy website sends them running into the arms of your competitor.

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