Money-Making Headlines

Money-Making Headlines

Good, strong Money-Making Headlines are critical to the success of your webpage, advertisement, landing page, or even blog article.  A strong headline is like a carnival barker, calling at folks to "C'mon In" and enticing them with snippets of what they'll see inside.  That's the #1 job of your headline.  To grab the attention of the "passers-by", interrupt their thoughts, make them stop and want to hear more.  If your headline can accomplish that, you have a Money-Making Headline.

If You Ain't Got A Good Money-Making Headline, You Ain't Got Nuthin'!

In reading through articles like this you hopefully see an interrupting headline on every one.  Some short, some long.  Some are followed by a sub-head; others aren’t.  But there is one common denominator.  All these “money-making headlines” are written to attract you, my respected reader, so you’ll continue on and read the rest of the page.


Headlines Are The Most Important Part Of Any Piece– Show Them Proper Respect

Believe me when I tell you how critical the money-making headline is to your success.  I spent more time writing the headlines to these articles than I did on the articles themselves.  I generally try to write at least 15-25 possible headlines for each piece.  Sometimes that number balloons to 40 or more.

Why go through all that? (I hear you cry.)  The reason is unbelievable simple.  The better the headline, the more readers you attract.  The more readers you attract, the more hear the rest of your story.   Bottom line – the more you sell.  THAT’s a Money-Making-Headline.

Here’s a hard fact:

Four Of Five Readers Read Headlines Only; One Of Ten Read The Rest

If your headline fails to attract, think of all the money that you’re throwing down the rat hole of lousy writing.  The job of the money-making headline is to get the audience to the body copy.  Yes, only about 10% read it through, but that 10% consists of prospects, people interested enough in what you are selling to read about it.   When people are truly in the market for a product they read, they listen, they watch, they go to websites.  This is especially true when you’re asking them to spend significant dollars.

Don’t worry!  Be happy!  I am about to give you several hints (rules?) for writing money-making headlines.  In my audio program, WIN The Marketing Game And STOP Wasting Money, I have many more – and a list of 127 of the greatest headlines of all times (which you can and should “borrow”).

Hints For Headlines

> Tell about a benefit

> Deliver news

> Tell a compelling story

> Highlight a problem; offer a solution

> Quote a satisfied customer

> Be relevant – make your words and images important to those who need your product

> Show your product in use (image) or describe the feeling of using it – or both

> Use unexpected words in unexpected ways

Whether you’re writing a Radical WebPower website, a radio or TV spot, a brochure or a catalog, give the headline everything you’ve got…and don’t settle for less than wonderful.


A Great Head Start For You

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