Now Buyers And Future Buyers

Now Buyers And Future Buyers

Now Buyers and Future Buyers.  Many businesses have them.  It's how they approach them that sets the winners apart from the non-winners.  Now Buyers and Future Buyers.  Each group has their own special interests, needs, and wants.  If you choose to approach them in the same way, with the same message, and the same offers, your success will be limited.

Most Small Businesses Ignore 94% Of Their Prospects

"Wow!  Their websites, landing pages, advertisements, brochures, and other Marketing Tools must be pulling in profits hand over fist.”  Why do I say that?

How else can you explain the fact that these same marketing pieces ignore 94% of their prospects?  They must be making so much money they simply don’t care.  OK.  I really don't believe that...BUT...there must be a reason for it.  Perhaps these businesses never paid much attention to the Now and Future Buyers?

Many will include an offer or coupon of some kind in their ads or brochures. These offers are aimed almost exclusively at prospects who are ready to buy at that moment—the “Now” Buyers. $25 Discount, Free [Blank] With Purchase, Buy One - Get One Free, 0% Financing, Free Shipping, etc..  All nice inducements for a Now Buyer to pull the trigger and order now.

What About Those Future Buyers Who Are Not Ready To Pull The Trigger Now?

This visual, above, is an easy-to-grasp graphic depiction of a decision-making scale.  The “Now” Buyers (about 6% of the total prospects) are found in the S-Z zone.  The rest of the prospects (about 94%) are in various stages of information gathering and decision-making.  To make your marketing more productive and increase your ROI, you must address this huge section of your prospects.  And address them by giving them what they need, what they crave...information.

Does your website or ad offer help them with their decision-making process?  Does it position your company to be their choice when they become Now Buyers?  Probably not.  And yet, most small business websites and ads offer nothing to Future Buyers.


Offers For Future Buyers

One proven way is to develop an offer that will help the Future Buyer gather the facts, and decide, first, on what he wants to buy and then, from whom.  Here's a Copywriters Secret:  Help them whether they end up buying from you or not.  For instance, you could offer a free report, checklist, industry evaluation, or buyers guide (on paper, e-mail, the web, CD or Video).  You need look no further than this article to find good evidence of an offer aimed at Future Buyers.  At the bottom of this page, there is a link for a check list I believe deliver solid information that can be used by small business owners to improve their marketing.


Here are some other examples from our own experience:

> “The Arizona Pure Water Buyers Guide”

> “The Savvy Consumers Guide To Auto Repair”

> “10 Landmines Employers Must Avoid At All Costs”

> “The Roofers Code of Ethics”

> “Replacement Windows—Which Ones Are Right For Your Home and Climate”

> “Landscaping Idea Book and Care Guide”

So make sure you communicate with your Future Buyers as well as with your Now Buyers.  It will educate your prospects, keep you in front of them and, as a result, more of them will choose you when their time to buy rolls around,


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