Upgrade This One Skill Set & Increase Your Market Value

Blog Article: Upgrade This ONE Skill & Increase YOUR Market Value

If you are a Copywriter, freelance or employed, or are employed by a business or non-profit, chances are you could make yourself more valuable - even indispensable - to you client or company.  Upgrade just this one skill and you'll Increase Your Market Value at Work. 

A Competence Crisis in Communication

There is a crisis in business today.

While the level of technological competence and innovation is staggeringly high in today’s workforce, other – more interpersonal competences – are getting harder and harder to find in an employee.  David Ogilvy, Copywriting Legend and one of the original, real-life “Madmen” predicted today’s competence crisis in business about 50 years ago.  “…business is infested by men and women who cannot write.  They cannot write advertisements and they cannot write plans.  They are as helpless as a deaf mute on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera.”

And thus, the crisis.

The Best Question I’ve Gotten In A Long, Long Time

I’m not a copywriter or a business owner… how can learning to write and communicate better help me?

I gotta admit, that’s a question I don’t get every day – or every month.  Thanks, Karen of Woodhaven, NY.  Here’s my answer:  I designed Write Like A Madman University (WLAM U) specifically to give Copywriters and Entrepreneurs the training and tools indispensable to success, but those same tools apply to many employees as well - maybe even more so.

More than ever, Writing and Communication are the highly valued skills for most employers.

The Best Way To Increase Your Value At Work – And Why To Do It

Upgrade your Writing and Communication skill set.

We know – from studies and polls both current and decades old – too many workers at every level of employment, lack the skills and knowledge necessary for good, effective communication.  We know also, those with these skills

  • Report Increased Earnings
  • Enjoy More Job Security
  • Have More Job Mobility

But will it do the trick for YOU?

Does Your "Job Description" Include Any Of These?

In assessing the needs of employers, we identified fifteen critical job functions that entail the type of writing and communication skills we’ve been talking about.

  • Emailing with customers, vendors, or third parties like insurance companies
  • Writing reports and plans others read and rely on to make business decisions
  • Communications with supervisors or subordinates
  • Working on the company website or blog
  • Writing an organization newsletter or announcements
  • Crafting Press Releases or dealing with the media
  • Annual or quarterly goal-setting reports for yourself or your department
  • Dealing with community groups or charitable organizations
  • Developing presentations for clients, prospects, or in-house training
  • Sending prospecting sales letters or emails
  • Describing accomplishments for your annual review or evaluation
  • Developing and setting out the rationale for why you deserve a raise
  • Writing up evaluations or reviews of your team
  • Compiling notes of meetings to share with team members and supervisors
  • Crafting cover letters and writing a resume

If this is you, you might well consider upping your game with Write Like A Madman University. 

Reap The Rewards

The long and the short of it is this: be a better thinker and a better writer and you’ll be a better – and more valuable – team member at work. 

You’ll get ahead faster, go further, and make more money than someone without the skills you’ll learn at WLAM U.  And with the personal market value you create, you’ll be more in control of your current job relationship, and your future,

So, I invite you to learn and prosper.

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