What Professional Copywriters Do All The Time That Non-Pros Never Do

Pro Copywiters Do It; Amateurs Don’t

This one trick started me on the way to being a master pro copywriter when I was just 18 years old.

This Pro Copywriter secret helped me write better for over 30 years

I was a new copywriter trainee, nowhere near a professional copywriter.  I had confidence I hadn’t earned and talent I had yet to develop.  But I was exceptionally lucky to have mentors/bosses who demanded a lot of me from my first day on the job.  And gave a lot in return.

The Best 30-Second Lesson I Ever Got

I wrote my first one-pager and submitted it with high hopes.   My boss, an experienced pro copywriter asked, “Did you read this?”

“I wrote it” I replied. “Of course I read it”.

“Out loud?”


“Because conversion copywriting is more than just words; it should have a rhythm, a flow, a tempo.  And you can only hear that when you read it aloud – as if you were recording it.  Then you will understand what the reader hears in his head and you’ll know when you’ve done your job right.”

Read Everything You Write Out Loud…

…at least a dozen times.  I’ve been doing it for over 30 years.  It works.

Try it.

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Author’s Note:

Many business owners need help in crafting their branding statements, advertising, online web copywriting and content, press releases and the like.  I encourage you to find a good branding strategy consultant/professional copywriter who can take what’s in your heart and your head and put it in a way that will let you reach your goal of educating your prospects, allowing them to conclude they would have to be raving lunatics if they didn’t do business with you.  If you're looking for a good online digital copywriting course, kindly check out Write Like A Madman And Make Money Like Crazy, my 13-Video, 41-piece multi-media tutorial.  Click here to watch the first video Free.



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