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Small Business Entrepreneurs are the reason I created Write Like A Madman University. 

I’ve been doing marketing seminars for almost 20 years and in that time, I’ve met over 3,000 small business owners.  From one-person start-ups to established companies with $5 million in revenue.  The vast majority were struggling with disappointing results tied directly to their lack of a powerful strategic message.


Strategic vs Tactical Marketing

In each of my seminars, I point out the critical difference between Strategic Marketing and Tactical Marketing because most were not able to distinguish between the two.

  • Strategic Marketing is the sum of the messages you communicate to your customers and prospects.
  • Tactical Marketing is the means of communication (or media) you use to spread the word.
  • Tactical Marketing is far more expensive than Strategic marketing, so it is very important to create powerful, unique, and compelling messages before you spend the cash for ads, websites, brochures, etc.

So many of these business owners voiced the same sentiments.  They couldn’t find good, comprehensive “how-to” information on marketing messages without going to a high-priced consultant.  Being just that, I set out to build a library of strategic marketing information…and that is now Write Like A Madman University.


Write Like A Madman University:

  • Is the most complete, online marketing resource specifically designed for small business entrepreneurs.
  • Contains over 310 original Courses, Tutorials, Guides, Tips, Lists, Articles and TWIZDOMSTM written and/or edited by me.
  • Includes signature 13-video, 40-piece copywriting and message structuring course. Write Like A Madman and Make Money Like Crazy
  • WLAM U. also ncludes my newest, 9-piece bombshell tutorial Radical WebPower that shows you, step-by-step how to make your website into an effective, click, conversion, and sales generator.

Write Like A Madman University is rated 4.82 out of 5 Stars


What Write Like A Madman University Is NOT

There are literally hundreds of sites that say they can show you how to get on page one of Google, bring social media patron to your Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, or Instagram page, and decode the SEO algorithms for you.  So, why we don’t do this?

Because your message is - by far - the most important part of your marketing.  It should be crafted first, before you spend one thin dime on ads, or boosts, or even your website.  And because we are message, content, and branding experts, we focus on a strengths – copywriting, images, and websites.

Write Like A Madman University is one of the few places small business marketers can go to get proven, tested practices and techniques.  All in one place.  All original.  All current.


Write Like A Madman University Gives You The Tools Of Success

WLAM U. concentrates all its efforts on significantly improving your ability to generate leads, prospects, and customers with fundamental marketing skills.

  • Copywriting
  • Website content and structure
  • Developing a logical thought pattern
  • Lead you reader happily to your Call-To-Action
  • How to win customers simply by the words and images you use

So, if you’re not getting all the clicks, conversions, and sales from your website, take a look at Write Like A Madman University.  It’s chock full of “what’s”, ”how-to’s”, and “whys” to get you going.  Right now, there’s some darned attractive pricing, so don’t wait too long.  And, of course, I guarantee you’ll love it or your money back.

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Learn and Prosper.

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